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Why You Should Ask About 24/7 On-site Apartment Maintenance in Bloomington

It’s after midnight, and while you’re cleaning up to go to to bed, you hear a light dripping. Glancing up, you notice a wet spot on the ceiling that’s ever so slightly growing bigger ? Is there an emergency phone number for apartment maintenance? How many minutes will it be before they arrive? Is this something that will have to wait until normal business hours? Or were you smart enough to rent a place with 24/7 on-site emergency apartment maintenance in Bloomington?

What Specifically Constitutes An Emergency Maintenance Request?

Master bedroom in Bloomington apartments.

Hopefully, many of your apartment maintenance queries will be routine. You could find that your stopped up sink drain needs a a tad bit more work than a squirt of Mr. Plumber. Or you inadvertently put a dent in the wall trying to install your new TV. These are bothersome snafus that can wait until the next day instead of needing an emergency house call during the middle of the night.

However, there are some repairs that require urgent attention. Forget about a busted pipe and your things in your 1-bedroom apartment could see serious damage. A malfunctioning fire detector can keep you -- and your next door neighbors -- up all night. Emergency services may also be called for when your air-conditioning breaks during Bloomington’s hot summer days to an automated system, which then forwards to the night manager, who then calls a contractor,who then drives over to your home to assess the damage.

The response time between the two systems can seem overwhelming, especially when you’re worried about your family’s safety . When your apartment has 24-hour emergency repair, then a technician should arrive at your place in minutes or at least give you a reasonable idea when they’ll be there. That’s so much better than waiting for hours wondering if an outside repairman is on their way.

Three Questions To Ask About Maintenance On An Apartment Tour

Exterior view of a Bloomington apartment building.

While you tour apartments and see the list of apartment amenities in Bloomington, make sure to inquire about the emergency maintenance procedures. Especially, ask these 3 questions:
  • Does your apartment use on-site maintenance or will they use contract technicians?

  • Do you request maintenance by online or phone?

  • What’s the off-hours maintenance procedure ? And how long will it take for someone to help?

These are responses that you should be aware of before it’s 3:00 AM and you’re wading through the rising waters coming from the upstairs unit’s toilet.

City Flats on Walnut Is Proud to Use 24/7 On-Site Apartment Maintenance

With City Flats on Walnut, we want you to have confidence in your new apartment home. All our apartments have on-site maintenance technicians that can complete your emergency repairs anytime. Just call us at 812-578-8827 or push the “book a tour” button today!

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