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How To Rent An Apartment In Bloomington

August 30, 2023
Exterior of multi-level apartment building with attached garage.

Getting ready to rent your first apartment? Or maybe it’s been quite some time since you leased one, and now you’re starting the process again. Here’s what you should to know about how to rent an apartment in Bloomington, from determining your budget to finding the best apartment and completing the application.

What Is Your Budget?

Open apartment floor plan with connected kitchen and living room.

Your opening step is to decide your budget. You don’t want to become enamored with a place only to realize it’s completely out of your range. Consider your finances prior to checking out that incredible two-bedroom unit with a nature view. Here are some suggestions to help you.

  • Take note of your net income - what’s left after taxes - and take away your existing expenses (credit cards, loan payments, etc.).
  • Anticipate unexpected costs like flat tires and emergency medical care. In general, add 10 percent to your total expenses.
  • Approximate costs at your new apartment, such as utilities and groceries. If you need a place to start, assign $250 a month for both.
  • How often do you go out? Approximate your entertainment and dining costs per month.
  • What do you have left? This is what you may allocate for rent. This is a great time to decide if you’ll need a roommate.

Finding The Ideal Apartment In Bloomington

Fitness center with aerobic and weight training equipment.

Checking out different communities and floor plans can be enjoyable but also demanding of your time. Make certain you give yourself sufficient time to explore - at least a couple months. Your first step is to decide on which area you want to live in. Do you prefer being close to your office or school? Are you looking downtown or in suburban areas? Is there entertainment and shopping close by? Knowing the location will save you a lot of time.

You in all likelihood already know how many bedrooms you’ll require, so you can direct your attention on picking your preferred floor plan. Then, you need to consider what amenities you would like. Is a health club or pool mandatory? Do you require a pet-friendly community with a dog park? Making these decisions will streamline your search.

Finishing The Application Process

Designated dog park at apartment community.

After you’ve picked out an apartment, you have to conclude the application process. You’ll need to be ready with photo identification, evidence of income, and some references. You’ll usually pay an application fee to cover the cost of background and credit checks. If you intend to use a co-signer, inform the leasing agent before getting too far along, as they may not be allowed.

Your application process will typically consist of the following:

  1. Pay an application fee
  2. Fill out an application form
  3. Prepare for background and credit checks
  4. Sign the lease

When filling out the application, you can anticipate providing the information below:

  • Name, email, phone number, and present address
  • Your employer and income amount
  • Past address(es)
  • Dogs or other pets (if applicable)
  • Who to call in case of emergency
  • References - you may be asked to provide previous landlords or work and personal references

Locate The Perfect Apartment At City Flats on Walnut

Leasing an apartment in Bloomington isn’t hard to do at City Flats on Walnut. We offer a wide range of amenities and floor plans to accommodate your lifestyle. Schedule a tour to explore our property or reach out to 812-578-8827 to talk with one of our friendly leasing representatives about how to rent one of our apartments in Bloomington.