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How To Embrace Green Apartment Living In Bloomington

March 29, 2023

Making a contribution for the environment need not be a large effort. Even when you reside in an apartment, there are many things you can do to help secure our planet for the next generation. Basic duties like picking reusable items and reserving water can have an influence over time. If you're ready to take on sustainable apartment living in Bloomington, here are some basic suggestions to get you started.

Substitute Your Disposable Products With Lasting Items

Kitchen at Harmony Apartments with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Avoid one-time plastic water bottles and single-use napkins for cleaning. Embrace long-lasting items in your routine. Here are a few easy changes to try.

  • Water bottles: When utilizing amenities like a gym wouldn't it be better to bring a strong reusable flask rather than a weak disposable bottle? Prevent sending out plastic to dumps by using a water bottle you can replenish.
  • Kitchen dish towels and microfiber cleaners: End your dependency on disposable towels and instead, use reusable towels or microfiber cloths to wipe down counters, stovetops, and other dirty surfaces.
  • Refillable soap dispensers: Why toss your pre-filled soap dispenser in the trash when it's empty? Instead, use a durable replenishable soap dispenser. You'll discover them in a range of patterns to complement your design taste.
  • Silicone bags and straws: Washable and reusable, you can discover a spectrum of silicone products like produce containers, drinking straws, and even bags you can carry to class or your job.

Go one step further and discover products like soap dispensers and water bottles created with recycled materials. This not only reduces waste but also promotes a more sustainable future.

Consider Protecting Water And Energy For A Eco-Friendly Home In Bloomington

Contemporary bedroom with grey paint, lamps, and wall art.

Have you ever forgotten to switch off the water while brushing your teeth or doing the dishes? You are not a unique case. Being mindful of water usage is an excellent tactic for a sustainable apartment in Bloomington. Following that same idea, take the time to switch off lights when leaving and turn off your computer.

Here are a few extra suggestions for conserving energy:

  • Examine your light bulbs and consider switching to LED alternatives.
  • Reduce hot water usage by cutting down on hot showers and washing your clothes in cool water instead.
  • Avoid running your HVAC system at maximum power. Open windows when you can in the summer season and keep comfortable blankets and sweaters accessible in the cold months.

Maximize your recycling efforts in Bloomington

Row of recycling containers for tenants

Even if you embrace the practice of carrying a refillable water bottle, you may still find an occasional plastic one in your Bloomington home. Ensure you recycle it. Be sure to recycle everything you can, including empty toilet paper rolls, wine corks, and those cardboard containers that arrive at your doorstep. Find out if your residential area has recyclable containers. If not, you can find them in the surrounding area, on your local school’s campus, or even through your place of employment.

Go green at your brand-new Bloomington residence.

If you're in search of a new place to put into action your eco-friendly apartment lifestyle goals, consider the amazing options at City Flats on Walnut. Our Bloomington apartments will improve your lifestyle as you contribute to the health of the environment. You'll delight in the spacious units, superb amenities, and friendly staff. Schedule a walk-through or simply call 812-578-8827 to speak with a representative of our team.