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Ways To Childproof Your Apartment In Bloomington

June 29, 2022
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You could have little ones in your family or a newborn on the way. You may also frequently host close friends and neighbors with young people. In any case, if you plan to have little kids in your Bloomington apartment, you’ll want to do a little childproofing to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are some tips to childproof your apartment in Bloomington.

Childproof Your Apartment In Bloomington By Placing Potential Dangers Out Of Reach

Colorful bedroom located at Lakeside apartments 

Small children are inquisitive and want to get their hands on everything. The first step to childproofing an apartment in Bloomington is to put potentially hazardous or breakable things out of reach. Walk around your apartment looking for things a kid shouldn’t be touching and relocate all of them. This should include
  • Sharp objects.
  • Toxic chemicals.
  • Chains or cords on blinds and other things that create a strangulation hazard.
  • Easily broken items.
  • Vital credentials or paperwork.
  • Vases and other filled containers.
  • Things that may appear edible but aren’t, like pills or your pet’s water and food.
  • Bookcases or other unsecured items that a little one may try to climb and pull down.
  • Writing utensils.

Utilize Locking Devices To Prevent Tots From Getting Into Cabinets

Close up of a white cabinet with a baby-proof lock system. 

Even in sizeable apartments, you’ll have trouble finding enough high places to store everything. You can shield children and your valuables by keeping them in locked cabinets. You’ll come across numerous different kinds of locking systems in stores or online. Some connect to cabinet knobs, while others make cabinets way too hard to unfasten for young children with limited dexterity. And when the tot in your life often goes for the refrigerator or commode, invest in locks for those as well.

Install Baby Gates To Stop Your Youngest Guests From Getting Into Trouble

Baby throws a yellow ball through the baby gate on the floor. 

Whenever they become mobile, babies want to roam around. In order to keep them within sight and out of potentially risky spots like utility rooms and kitchens, employ a playard or indoor gates to enclose them. A portable pack ‘n’ play will be big enough for a baby and plenty of toys to occupy them while you’re making lunch or attempting to work. Foldable playards can be put away effortlessly when they’re not being used.

If you have eager toddlers, baby gates will confine them into a defined space. A great number of baby gates are secured by pressure mounting so that you don’t have to drill into your apartment walls. In the event you do need to employ your drill for a baby gate, don’t forget to repair the holes before moving.

Keep Kids Inside With Childproof Entrance Locks

Little ones grow in a hurry, and before you know it, they’re tall enough to reach the knob on the front door and get out. To block little runaways, always keep your door’s chain attached if you have kids about. If your apartment doesn’t have a chain or you frequently neglect to lock it, think about using a doorknob cover that makes it challenging for smaller hands to grasp and twist. When faced with sliding glass doors, try an adhesive sliding door flip lock. These bond to the non-movable part of the door and prevent children from moving the door at all when you activate the lock.

Prevent Falls With A Balcony Guard

Balcony with a railing at Waverly Apartments

If you let little ones come out on your balcony, a fixed balcony protector is a smart thing to have. These resemble nets and secure to your balcony to prevent objects from falling through openings. You could also use a balcony privacy screen that adds the benefit of bringing you privacy regardless of whether you have children at your apartment.

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