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How Long Does It Take To Move Into An Apartment In Bloomington?

March 06, 2024
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You’re eager to move but are worried about getting it done in a reasonable timeframe. You could be beginning a job soon and want a new home near your office. It’s sensible that you prefer to move soon. With that in mind, how long does it take to move into an apartment in Bloomington? Review what you can plan for and find a few tips on how you can keep things moving smoothly.

Give Yourself Enough Time To Locate An Apartment In Bloomington

Apartment community fitness center with exercise bikes, glass wall, and flat-screen TV.

The most time-consuming part of the process is picking a place you love. Plan ahead and allow yourself at least a month to decide. You should tour different options to see their apartments and available amenities and get an overall feeling of the community. Note that you’ll have the toughest competition for unoccupied apartments during the busiest season of May through September.

After you’ve found the ideal property, the remainder will move fairly quickly. Here’s what you can plan for the rest of the way.

What Are Standard Timeframes For the Application, Approval, And Move-In Stages?

Apartment clubhouse with pool table, breakfast bar, and seating area with TV.

After you’ve found an apartment you like, you could be able to relocate in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. Of course, it’s beneficial if there’s an open, ready-to-occupy apartment in the floor plan you like. Here’s a general timeframe of the final process:

  • Complete an application: This step only requires one day, or maybe two, if you must dig for a little information. Help yourself by filling out the paperwork precisely and thoroughly, as that will speed up the process. The property you prefer could even have a virtual application you can access at your convenience.
  • Credit and background check: You can anticipate this part lasting anywhere from a few days to more than a week. The property’s management will review things like your arrest record, leasing history, and credit score. Rest assured, if there are units open, the leasing professionals will wish to occupy them. They’ll keep things running as fast as they are able.
  • Approval and signing the lease: If you’re approved, your rental contract will be sent via email for an electronic signature. After checking it over and signing, you’ll likely be asked to supply a security deposit. Having the necessary amount of money ready to go will keep things moving along.
  • Packing and moving: Timelines will vary at this phase based on how much you have and the length of time it takes to pack. You’ll have to consider this when agreeing to a move-in date. Local moves with a moderate amount of furnishings might be done in a couple of days. On the other hand, long-distance moves with a great deal to get ready might take several weeks to plan and finalize.

Prevent surprises by checking your credit before you apply. It’s also smart to do some financial planning well in advance and save money for the deposit.

Discover The Perfect Apartment In Bloomington At City Flats on Walnut

Before you think about moving, you must find a new home. Schedule a tour of City Flats on Walnut in Bloomington and explore our impressive units and amenities. If you still have questions about how long it takes to move into an apartment in Bloomington, our professionals are here to help. We can let you know how long the application and approval process generally takes and supply any other info you want. Contact us at 812-578-8827 today to ask about what we have available or request a tour.