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Should You Live Close To Work Or Commute In Bloomington?

November 10, 2021
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Living near your job is convenient, but what do you do if you can’t find an apartment nearby you like? Is a lengthier commute a possibility if you’re able to live in a fantastic place? How do you decide, and what are the chances you will discover the right apartment next to work in Bloomington? If you’re having trouble figuring out whether to live close to work or commute in Bloomington, answer the questions that follow.

How Much Money Will You Save Living Near Work Vs. Having A Nicer Apartment In Bloomington?

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Does it make sense financially for you to live close to work or commute in Bloomington? Dependent on where you work, local housing could exceed your budget. You should be able to find a nicer apartment with additional room for less money if you look farther away. However, a longer commute equates to you spending more at the pump. There’s a chance you will also incur additional expenses for carry-out food, daycare, and other needs when you have less time at home.

When living closer to work, you might cut expenses since you’ll be home more often. As soon as you add up the costs of living close to where you work vs. having a nicer apartment in another area of Bloomington, you have the ability to figure out which solution makes the most sense financially.

Will A Long Commute Have An Effect On Your Well-being?

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Driving during the busiest times of day increases your stress levels, and sitting that long isn’t healthy either. If you have a stunning apartment with the amenities you were looking for, you probably won’t mind driving a long distance to your office. When you get home, you are able to take a relaxing swim and let the stress of rush hour driving fade. Also, if your apartment community has a health club, you have the opportunity to make up for the time you spent sitting in your car. On the chance you work at your home office, you can take advantage of your wonderful apartment all day long! But for some employees who have to travel every day of the week, the stress isn’t worth it, and you might decide you’re in a better state of mind when you reduce your time driving.

Is Your Workplace In A Liveable Neighborhood?

Your life away from the daily grind is a critical consideration too. Occupying an apartment near your workplace might not be a good fit for you if it’s a long distance from your kids’ schools or your preferred restaurants and shopping areas. The end result will be more time in the car transporting your kids or visiting places you enjoy.

You may rethink living closer to work if the neighborhood is louder than other options. If you have to listen to traffic throughout the night, you probably should find a community a little further away where you can rest easily before you get up a bit earlier to begin your daily drive.

Positive You Can’t Have Your Perfect Apartment Close To Work? City Flats on Walnut Is Ready To Assist

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Bloomington has an array of attractive apartment complexes you can call home. If you ask around, confidantes and coworkers can inform you of their favorite communities next to your workplace. You probably will need to tour more than one complex to find what you’re looking for, but the effort will be rewarded when you come home to an apartment that is perfect for your life and with a short commute.

Or you can begin searching for your next home at City Flats on Walnut. We offer plenty of square footage in a popular Bloomington area near dining, entertainment, schools, and businesses. To find out more about our impressive property, dial 812-578-8827 or schedule a tour with a member of our friendly team.