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Bloomington Apartment Decorating Ideas For The Holidays

November 24, 2020

Holiday decorations

You might have noticed that a lot of holiday inspiration spreads feature large houses and oversized decorations. So what’s a Bloomington apartment dweller to do if you don't live in a big space?

Don’t fret. There are a lot of fun and elegant ways to decorate your apartment this holiday season. No matter how large or small your apartment is, you can try these great Bloomington apartment decorating ideas for the holidays.

Holiday-themed furnishings in a living room area.

Replace Your Everyday Home Knickknacks With Holiday Pieces

If you don't want to add too many trinkets in your Bloomington apartment, try swapping out your normal pieces with more holiday-style alternatives. Swap out your doormat with a fun one. Switch out blankets and couch pillows with holiday-themed ones. Add seasonal towels to your bathroom and kitchen. Decorations don’t have to be purely aesthetic. They can be practical as well!

Use Bloomington Apartment Decorating Ideas That Don’t Need Lots of Storage Space

If you have limited storage, set up decorations that don’t need storage or use a small amount of storage space.

Natural greenery and Christmas trees only last a few weeks. The same goes for gingerbread houses. Another short-term decoration is simply setting out dishes of holiday candies to add some cheer and munch on until they’re all eaten.

Not every seasonal display is big and glitzy. Little decorations that pack down tightly can can still bring in the holiday spirit. Use sturdy ornaments to minimize storage packing. Use wall hangings, foldable cardboard or fabric decorations, window clings, and flexible garlands that are easy to fit into compact containers when the season is over.

A small Christmas tree and decorations.

Get A Christmas Tree That Works In Your Space

If you observe Christmas, a Christmas tree is a must. However, those full branches cause a problem in small apartments. Luckily, you can easily get Christmas trees in different sizes.

When selecting a Christmas tree, be sure to pick one that leaves enough space between the tree and the ceiling to put a star on your tree. As for width, narrower, smaller trees are better in smaller spaces.

If you’re really tight on space, think about a 2-3’ tree or a novel half or corner tree. Half trees and corner trees butt up against a wall or are placed in a corner to make the most of your space.

Small holiday-themed pillow.

Be Creative with Placement

Apartments may not have the same architecture or amenities as single-family houses. If your apartment doesn’t have a wide windowsill for your menorah or a standard fireplace for your Christmas stockings, it’s not a huge deal. You can put traditional decorations in nontraditional locations in your Bloomington apartment.

Menorahs look just as lovely on a console, desk, or bookshelf. Christmas stockings can be hung on hooks on a wall, door handles, or shelves. Don’t have a front-facing living room window for the Christmas tree? Put it in a bedroom or office window instead.

Decorate Windows Rather Than Your Yard

People enjoy outdoor light displays, but you may not be able to put up your own when you’re in a Bloomington apartment. If you don’t have outdoor space to add lights to, then go ahead and add lights to your windows.

You can delight the neighbors with strands of lights or put traditional wreaths and warm candles in every window. Have each member of the family create a garland of paper snowflakes or set up popular holiday characters peering out. Stores have been staging their windows for decades, so why not decorate your windows at home!

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