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How Do Studio Apartments Differ From Efficiency Apartments In Bloomington?

March 03, 2022
Studio apartment living room at Echo Park Bloomington.

If you’re on a search for a smaller rental unit, you could come across the terms “studio apartment” and “efficiency apartment.” On the surface, these descriptions could give the impression of being interchangeable, but in actuality they are two separate apartment styles. While it’s true they are both smaller in size and economical, studio and efficiency apartments in Bloomington have a few important differences. When you understand how they differ, you can determine which type of apartment to make your new home.

What Are Studio Apartments In Bloomington?

A studio apartment living room at Riverview Apartments. 

When you think of a small apartment, you’re probably thinking of a studio apartment. It’s factual that the majority of studio apartments in Bloomington have approximately 600 sq. ft., but it’s their design that lets them stick out from other options. While many apartment configurations have distinct sleeping quarters, studio apartments have a more open layout. The family room, bedroom, and kitchen are all together. Generally, you will only have a bathroom and closet separated from the rest.

You’ll find a little variety between studio apartments. Various options feature bedroom space within a loft that provides a little bit of privacy, and some apartments utilize an L-shaped design to create a sleeping nook. You will discover a range of studio apartment kitchen set-ups to boot. Despite their smaller dimensions, studio apartments can have full-size kitchen areas, and sometimes a small counter or bar and built-in cabinets can act as a natural separator between your kitchen and living areas. And some studio apartments have a bath large enough for shower and tub, while others only have a shower.

What Is An Efficiency Apartment In Bloomington?

Efficiency apartments seem the same as studio apartments, but they’re meant to be even more space conscious. They include very small floor plans–some could be just 300 total square feet. The entirety of the apartment with the exception of the bathroom is is enclosed within a single open room. In lieu of a full kitchen, you will see a reduced kitchen area with a couple appliances and a small strip of counter space on one wall. Inside the most compact efficiency apartments, the fridge or range are smaller. You’re likely to discover a space-saving bathroom too, consisting of a shower without a tub.

Will You Choose A Studio Or Efficiency Apartment?

Looking into the bright living area from kitchen. 

As you now know the difference between efficiency and studio apartments in Bloomington, which one is better? That comes down to what matters most to you. Both styles will save you money but are suitable for a specific type of lifestyle.

If you would like a smaller place to live in and potentially invite over a friend or two, a studio apartment has an adequate amount of room for you to move around. If having conveniences like a bathtub is critical to you, then you should pick a studio apartment. A studio apartment usually is a preferred option for pet owners too.

If you travel a bunch or don’t often stay at home and just want a home base, you can forgo the expense of a full-size apartment by selecting an efficiency apartment. You will even balance out the cost of living within your city’s center or other desirable location by selecting an efficiency apartment in whatever neighborhood you want. And while your small apartment may not have amenities, you still have the ability to use the wonderful amenities of the property.

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