A J.C. Hart Apartment Community in Bloomington, IN

Good things come to those that wait list. Are you someone who plans ahead? If so, then you'll love to learn that waitlisting at a J.C. Hart community can offer some real benefits.

Often when searching for an apartment before you're ready to commit, you will find many properties do not know when or what they will have available. In turn, you may be asked to come back later. At J.C. Hart we don’t want you to have to wait, so our waiting list program helps you claim your spot for an apartment today versus tomorrow.

Here is how it works:

  • $50 reserves your spot.
  • The quicker you apply the quicker we can claim an address for you.
  • Typical application and administrative fees apply to the 1st month’s rent (a $250 savings).
  • If for some reason we cannot meet your needs we’ll refund your deposit.
  • Relax knowing that we are working for you now.

To learn more, set-up an appointment today.